Billy Rock

by ROOM 56

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released July 22, 2017



all rights reserved


ROOM 56 London, UK

ROOM 56 is a twist of Rock`n`Roll infused with Punk attitude played in a Grunge basement.

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Track Name: Billy Rock
Kiss me another time and maybe
what is done is always done and I`m just lazy
kick my ass out of this chair and
maybe this time I won`t go crazy

-wait for the last train home

Last night we were painting future
oh, come on, I`m the one who`s praying for you
but there`s no future in my future

And She`s waiting outside
through all times until you die
while you choke and then you cry
and she smiles until you die
and you`re buried inside

oh, let`s go!
Last night we were drinking our future
who`s the one, I`m the one who`s praying for you
but there`s no future in my future

-what else you know about growing old?
-you don`t, you don`t, just don`t fucking die.
automatic combination

I`ve never said that you might say
we`d run away I`ll follow
(your shit)
Track Name: Deer Lady
Oh babe babe come on
Oh babe babe
my Deer Lady come on
there`s a whole world inside me
my private own room
there`s a whole world inside me
oh babe babe

(I wish you`d never known
well and it`s growing,
like a good old disease inside of me
am I psycho?)

there`s a whole world behind each smile
and it`s just spreading the pain, breaking this child
wish me spared from this hunt I can`t chase
which lives inside me

and I see... I can`t see some
I feel some faces hit down down down my throat
I bet they`re always been some parts of myself
it hurts like pain
and then they`re gone like my patience
and there`s silence

oh babe, feel the silence, silent sitting beside me

there`s a whole world inside me
a good old disease who`s sicking the pines
I wish you`d never know me
and it`s breaking this child inside of me

my Deer Lady come on
Get inside me.
Track Name: Nu Rollers
Once upon a time a man, a girl met at a fight
it`s alright they were pissed with another guy
he says, she said, they said don`t know
maybe you`re right, everything`s gonna be fine

it`s like feeling sad and spaced out you know, uh
you might be feeling the same

And drops of sweat are blinding your good eye
you push on the gas, drifting around
this is the time you`ve been waiting for so long

or you can always enjoy the pain inside

drops of sweat are blinding your good eye
he says, she said don`t know what`s so bad


Tony`s got a race tonight
Joanie`s at the race tonight and she doesn`t know
he`s gonna make his move
with his new boots, he`s so cool and he`s riding his bike

Pushing on the gas tonight, and Joanie`s waiting
for her man tonight, to hold her tight
Tony`s at the race tonight, wow
and it`s Saturday night, she`s amazing
what if she lies
he`s fucking high (watch your tail)

Then he looked back at his face, undecided
but she was waiting

Watch your tail Boy.
Track Name: The Only Bastard
Joanie said she was scared, I`m afraid
I`m the only bastard
on a street, rotten teeth, I`m a freak
on a Jesus birthday (I said)

What`s the price to pay? (I say)

No wonder I was wasting my time
away from your shadows, where the sun`s dead cold
Oh, it`s like that
As if you`re a ghost in the shadow, soaked in the mist
and there`s no God, there`s no Hope

Look at your pale white face
yeah, nothing feels like nothing and that ain`t no fun
When you`re wasting your time
chasing your shadow, soaked in the mist
and there`s no God, there`s no Hope

Joanie looks like she`s got what I wanted
and she feels damn good, I said
the more you get, the less you want it
while she`s staring at me with that face, singing